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Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

South Korean boy group BTS is at the top of their game, and it is becoming a norm for them to achieve so many historical moments for a non-English and Asian artist. From historical stadium tours, worldwide sales, streaming records to their global power as leaders and influencers, the seven members reached foreign shores, which seemed beyond reach for an artist from South Korea, singing in Korean.

If I start talking about each achievement that BTS has created or broken, I might end up writing a massive thesis! So instead of talking about each result, let’s talk about something different: breaking or reaching records that are several years old. In this article, I will use the time frame of records held or achieved for over “10 years” as ten years is a challenging number for any artist to reach or break. …

South Korea should be proud of BTS who are bringing so much impact.

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South Korea (Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash)

Global artist BTS is breaking barriers and records around the world proving their status as the current biggest boy band in the world. They grabbed the number one spots in music official charts in USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. and had many award wins in music award shows around the world. They performed (and still performing) in the biggest stadiums that hold important historical moments in music. Outside music, they used their global popularity to launch the “Love Myself” global campaign to fight against violence. Their humanitarian work allowed them to give speech at the United Nations as UNICEF’s global ambassadors. Even TIME Magazine called them the “Next Generation Leaders” and one of the “Most Influential People of 2019”. …

It was more than just an attendance….

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BTS at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (Photo by @bts_bighit from Twitter)

It was a big moment for BTS to grace the The 61st Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (10th February). Grammy Awards is considered the most prestigious music awards show around the world. The boys were selected to present a music category at the award show.

Besides them being presenters, their album Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ were nominated for “Best Recording Package” with Doohee Lee, Art Director from HuskyFox.

While there had been past reports of some Korean artists attending the Grammy (e.g Rain, Tablo, Ailee, Eric Nam etc.) and some winning a Grammy award (Sumi Jo and Byeong Joon Hwang had won in the classical categories), BTS’ attendance had a significant outlook which made the whole event historical for Korean music. …

If Hope World came crashing the charts, then mono. further raised the bar….

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mono. Cover Photo

RM is the leader, main rapper and spokesperson of global boy band “BTS”. RM is known as a highly skilled producer with years of experience and accredited involvement in the writing of BTS songs. RM also received acknowledgements through his solo collaborations with great rappers like Warren G, Wale, Tiger JK, MFBTY etc.

RM was the first BTS member to drop his mixtape named RM in 2015. On Oct 2018, RM announced on Twitter that he will release his new work named mono. On October 23, 2018, mono.

A Free Mixtape Achieving Global Success & Recognition

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Hope World’s Cover Photo

With 2018 nearing its completion, let’s talk about one mixtape which was released in the first quarter of this year: Hope World

J-Hope is one of the rappers from global boy group “BTS” along with fellow members Suga and RM. After RM’s RM and Suga’s Agust D, J-Hope released his first mixtape named Hope World on March 1, 2018 to showcase his rapping skills and talent as a songwriter and producer.

Hope World is considered a proper album having all original songs. But, J-Hope added one specific key element of a mixtape in Hope World by uploading it on SoundCloud for free for the fans to enjoy. …

Learn about the history of the Bangtan Boys’ (BTS) debut days

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Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

South Korean group BTS debuted on June 13, 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment in South Korea. The septet came from a cutthroat music industry and generally groups belonging to big agencies would take the upper positions in charts, awards and sales. It was hard for groups from smaller agencies to compete because the competition was (and still is) vigorous.

But, as an adult fan who loves to monitor and read their history and data, it makes me feel proud that BTS was attaining a steady growth in the early years despite the early obstacles.

A lot of new fans don’t know about the growth of BTS around the time period of 2013–2015. Maybe because a lot of fans came around 2016 - current date? I don’t know but it’s nice to see fans willing to learn about their early days, their growth, what achievements they got around that time etc. Also, from the historical records, it is true that BTS was no stranger in the music charts of US and Japan. Their popularity was growing from the start without any tactic promotions and marketing strategies. …

The face below explains my feelings well…

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Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

I have noticed that it is annoying for a lot of people (including me) when most of the media keep using the word “K-Pop” with South Korean boy group BTS. They also go as far as saying “First K-pop Act” or “First K-Pop Group” whenever BTS achieves something. This isn’t the first time that the term has been used with BTS. Whenever there is news related to BTS, the label “K-Pop” is always attached on all media headlines.

The word itself is not the problem and never was. The actual problem lies in the history behind it and the overuse of the word. The way the word has been used creates a negative perception for me and others because it shows a lack of understanding regarding the term and the depth of the subject matter. …

BTS’ speech to the United Nations

The most awaited event, the United Nations “Youth 2030”, was held to launch the “Generation Unlimited” program at the UN headquarters in New York City on Monday at noon. As it was previous reported, the “Generation Unlimited” program’s objective is to provide the future generation the essential needs to encourage success, stability and growth in their lives like providing good quality education, training or employment opportunities. The program was officially launched in front of world leaders, delegates, and the world.

António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General), Paul Kagame (President of Rwanda), Jim Yong Kim (World Bank Group President), Ms. Federica Mogherini (High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, European Union), Henrietta Fore (UNICEF Executive Director), Jayathma Wickramanayake (United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth), Paul Polman (Unilever CEO), Lilly Singh (UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador), and many other representatives conveyed about the different issues that the youth face and the willingness to provide a bright future to the youth. …

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore thanking BTS and the ARMY fandom

Recently, it was announced that South Korean boy group BTS will attend the UN Assembly to give a 3-minute speech on the inauguration of UNICEF’s new global partnership “Generation Unlimited”. This new global program aims at providing three essential needs to the youth by 2030: education, training and employment. The event will be held on 24th Sept at the UN Headquarters in New York.

On Twitter, while BTS fans were excited and proud of the boys, many people started to question why a “K-Pop group’ is invited to a huge ceremony. Some media outlets kept using the word “K-Pop” with the boys. Due to this labeling, the media gave this wrong impression to many people that UNICEF invited BTS because they are K-Pop, not because of their humanitarian work and ideology. …


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